Elementary Class

(6 to 12 year olds)

The objective of the school is to support your children to become responsible members of a community and active learners throughout their life, so that they may contribute and adapt to the challenges of our society.

Our school offers an education focused on finding solutions, encouraging our students to be autonomous and develop collaborative skills. Students learn how to take on different roles within a group, as well as respect for others and their environment. Students develop their independence and acquire new knowledge through access to innovative learning materials.

The autonomy and perseverance learnt by our students is highly valued by the future institutions our students join each year, in France and abroad. Our students have a capacity for reflection and the self-confidence to pursue their own creative solutions. These are highly valuable skills in complex and ever-changing world.


Children discover two languages through being truly immersed in both languages.

In elementary school, children begin to question their relationship to their immediate social community and to the culture surrounding them. The school responds to this by offering a bilingual curriculum and an education about community life. Students learn to read and write in two languages and learn to collaborate in group projects in French and English. Children are taught Maths, Science, Music, History… in both French and English by native-speaking teaching professionals.

Support for Monolingual Students

It should be noted that pupils who are not already bilingual at the beginning of elementary school may acquire an oral comprehension of both languages at the end of the first year, perfecting their written expression and comprehension at their own pace over several years.

In order to accompany them in this new learning process, French as a Foreign Language (FLE) is also offered on Wednesday mornings for non-French speakers, or English as a Second Language (ESL) for non-English speakers.

A Positive & Personalized Education

Students develop their independence and acquire new knowledge through access to innovative learning materials. The teachers make “presentations” to teach children abstract concepts using tangible materials. A calm and safe learning environment ensures that students feel safe comfortable and confident.

Children do not all do the same work at the same time and each one is able to progress at their own pace. The aim is to respect the needs and interests of each child and allow them to be in control of their own learning. The teaching staff guide and encourage the child. Individual success is valued and commended.

A Challenging Academic Program

Enabling your child to reach their potential is one of the school’s primary goals.

Our school is particularly attentive to the excellence of its teachers. Academic objectives ensure the intellectual enrichment of students and are defined for each subject (maths, French and English, science, history, geography, art) and agreed upon in the individual learning agreement.

Languages and mathematics are taught by following the national education syllabus.

The other subjects are taught through interdisciplinary projects that require active use of the competencies required by the curriculum.

After a period of observation of the student in the classroom, of his or her progress and abilities, a pedagogical contract, with the program and any proposed accommodations, is signed between the school, the parents and the student.

The student's progress is then meticulously monitored by the teachers who plan daily presentations to the student and ensure that they are learning. Two annual report cards are also used to review progress with the families.

An Exceptional Supervision Rate of 1 Adult for Every 9 Pupils

In our elementary schools, children benefit from an exceptional setting.

In addition to the charm of our premises located in remarkable places, the school allows them to benefit from an exceptional supervision rate of one adult for every nine children.

This ratio allows us to really implement individualized follow-up of your child, to accompany him/her on a daily basis to develop his/her full potential.

It also allows us to ensure a peaceful work environment within the group, whether during class time or during breaks.


The Bilingual Montessori School of Paris / Orsay

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75007 Paris, France

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