Since 2001, The Bilingual Montessori School of Paris has offered research-based music education that connects to childhood cognitive development in direct and powerful ways. Today, the Music Together curriculum is being offered to all children.

This carefully developed blend of curriculum and support is the most comprehensive in the field, and enables students and teachers to take full advantage of the power of music to support cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.

In the weekly group classes, children experience, children's natural learning cycle of play, discovery, repetition and mastery is engaged through an assortment of musical activities designed to stimulate exploration and discovery.

Because a musically rich environment is essential in stimulating and supporting children's musical growth, every Music Together collection includes songs, chants, tonal and rhythm patterns, and instrumental play-alongs in a variety of meters and tonalities. Each Music Together collection includes a mix of original songs and traditional tunes from the folk, jazz, and world music traditions. This range of musical styles provides children with a diverse music foundation for their growing music skills and understanding.

Music Together supports key tenets of the Montessori philosophy and our education:

  • Belief in the child’s inner guide - classes are non-performance-oriented, with each child participating at his or her own developmental level.
  • The child’s universal desire to belong - visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners are all appreciated and respected. Children's ideas and movements are "accepted and included" in class.
  • Actions, not instructions - The children learn music through watching, listening, absorbing, and—when they are ready— participating.
  • Children’s sensitive period for movement - all levels of purposeful movement are found in the Music Together experience, from fingerplays and group dances to movement with rhythm instruments.
  • The power of the adult role model - essential to a child’s musical growth, this is why classroom teachers also participate in the group music classes.
    What the young child experiences and takes in remains a part of the child, within his unconscious and conscious mind and memory for life!


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